NestHopper® Listing Service Agreement – Updated 10/24/18

Thank you for your interest in listing your property on The following terms and conditions will outline the intended purpose and use of as a marketing platform.

  1. Marketing – is an online marketing platform designed to procure rental leads for furnished monthly rental properties. com is not intended for listing and marketing ‘vacation rentals’ as the platform has been specifically designed to accommodate monthly minimum leasing, however some leads may utilize the platform for vacation stays over a month.  NestHopper, Inc. is not a property management company or real estate agency/brokerage.  All properties listed on are owned and/or managed by 3rd parties.  There are no guarantees regarding number of leads, occupancy expectations, or quality of leads.  By entering into this agreement, you are granting NestHopper, Inc. the right to market your property online for rent on, or any other 3rd party website or marketing channels relevant to producing leads that fit our target audience.
  2. Property Qualification – All listings on must be fully furnished, turnkey ready and must qualify in meeting our minimum standards of quality, cleanliness, and inventory. NestHopper strives to offer properties that will satisfy the needs of corporate or executive clients. By entering into this agreement you certify that the property has all furnishings, housewares and inventory, as outlined in our Essential Guide to Furnishing a Corporate Rental. You also certify that all appliances, fixtures, electrical, plumbing, sewer and HVAC systems are in working order and the home is compliant with all local building codes. Any negative feedback arising from a tenant’s application, stay, or checkout procedures due to Property Owner/Manager’s negligence and/or misrepresentation may disqualify the listing on
  3. Listing Fees – There is a one-time listing fee of $85 per property to set up and list a property on We do offer additional discounts for multiple property listings.
  4. Booking Process/Fees – The booking process begins when a potential applicant completes the online Booking Form and submits a Booking Deposit to NestHopper equal to 10% of the first month’s rent. Upon a potential tenant submitting a Booking Form and paying the 10% Booking Deposit on the property will automatically go into a “Pending” status, temporarily placing the property on hold to give the applicant and Property Owner/Manager the time for screening and execution of the lease agreement. The property will remain in “Pending” for 72 hours, or when the Property Owner/Manager notifies NestHopper of a change in property status (i.e. rented, change of available date, taken off market, etc.) or requests an extension, whichever occurs first. During this period, the Property Owner/Manager understands that they must make reasonable efforts to finalize the leasing process expediently with the tenant.
    1. If/when the Property Owner/Manager executes a lease with the applicant, the property will be removed as an active listing and will be not be viewable on the site. If the new tenant has a firm check-out date, the available date will be updated and the property will remain active according to that new date. The Booking Deposit paid by the applicant to NestHopper must be deducted from the applicant’s total move-in payment to the Property Owner/Manager. The Property Owner/Manager may charge the tenant a reasonable cleaning and processing/administration fee to compensate for the cost and time of preparing a clean and ready property for move-in.
    2. We strongly encourage the Property Owner/Manager to require a ‘Notice to Vacate’ deadline from the tenant of at least 15-30 days in advance to allow time for marketing before the conclusion of the lease. Once a future vacancy date is established, it is recommended that the Property Owner/Manager update NestHopper of the new availability date as soon as possible, allowing us to reactivate the listing online and maximize the marketing exposure.
    3. NestHopper encourages limiting tenant occupancy/lease starting dates to no longer than 7 days from the available date in order to minimize vacancy gaps (i.e. If a property is available on 9/10/18, the latest date to accept the start of a new lease agreement would be 9/17/18). This is only a suggested practice and it is at the discretion of the Property Owner/Manager to determine and/or negotiate the specific terms with the potential tenant.
    4. In the event that a lease is not executed between the two parties, NestHopper will refund the Booking Deposit to the applicant.
  5. Property Status – Maintaining updated property status is essential to NestHopper’s marketing model. It is the responsibility of the Property Owner/Manager to notify NestHopper of any changes to the listed property’s status (i.e. rented, change of available date, taken off market, etc.). The Property Owner/Manager agrees to contact their representative by email, phone, or text immediately after a change in status occurs so that those changes can be reflected on A written warning will be issued in the event that a property status is not updated and results in NestHopper refunding a Booking Fee to an applicant on a property that should not be listed as available. A second offense may require the Property Owner/Manager to pay the Booking Fee in advance to NestHopper for relisting. Repeated offenses may result in the permanent removal of the listed property from and disqualification of all other listed properties by said Property Owner/Manager.
  6. Tenants – NestHopper does not offer tenant-screening services. It is the responsibility of the Property Owner/Manager to screen and qualify any and all potential tenants that arise from a listing on All communications, showings, leasing terms, payment arrangements, potential benefits, and/or potential liabilities arising from a lead generated by is solely between the Property Owner/Manager and applicant/tenant involved in the lease of said property. *We strongly recommend credit and background checks for potential renters, as well as requiring all renters to obtain a renter’s insurance policy and pay a refundable deposit before occupying the property.
  7. Federal, State, and Local Guidelines/Laws – NestHopper follows all Fair Housing Laws outlined by HUD in that all potential applicants are forwarded to the Property Owner/Manager without discrimination. NestHopper does not provide leases or templates for Property Owner/Manager. It is the responsibility of the Property Owner/Manager to ensure that any decision about or agreement entered into with a prospective tenant follows all Federal, State, and local laws.
  8. Indemnification and Hold Harmless Property Owner(s)/Manager(s) agree to indemnify and hold harmless NestHopper, Inc. for any liabilities, theft, damage, cost, or expense whatsoever arising from or related to any claim or litigation which may arise out of or in connection with Guest(s)/Tenant(s) use and occupancy of the rental property including but not limited to any claim or liability for personal injury or damage or theft of property which is made, incurred or sustained by Guest(s)/Tenant(s).
  9. Ownership/Agency – The person who signs this document certifies that they are the legal owner of the property or have an agency agreement to represent the property and have the right to lease the property on behalf of the owner. The property must be owned in good standing without a pending foreclosure from a lienholder.